Blockchain technology in Banking
The Blockchain technology had a dramatic development over the past years. Created back in 2008, the Blockchain technology nowadays has already proven its consistency. It’s no wonder Banks and other financial institutions couldn’t help but pay close attention to opportunities of that instrument. Some of the Banks are only investigating Blockchain, while yet others have already begun to integrate based on it solutions.
8 February 2019
Have a Peek into Smart Contracts Universe
The term ‘smart contract’ is now familiar to many. It was known in academic community for at least two decades but full-weight implementations had appeared only recently with Ethereum Foundation EVM and IBM Hyperledger family of frameworks as most prominent ones.
31 January 2019
New Generation of FinTech
Blockchain technology acquires its maturity as more and more prototypes make their way towards pilot projects and are leveraged as full-scale solutions. And absolute majority of them are situated in the realm of Financial Services, mostly with rebellious Fintech start-ups. Though their number in 2018 has dropped to 46% against 82% in 2017 [1], it is still the mainstream of blockchain technology application.
29 January 2019